Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be a Sweetheart for the Service Dog Team

February is a perfect time for Team Goodee to recognize our family and friends and say “thank you” for all you do.
“It takes a lot to get us down but even   more to keep us going.”
“Hello Goodee the Service Dog. That’s a nice quote. I wish I had thought of it.”
“Well, mom rescuing the blog is one of my tasks.”
“Ok Goodee tell me about some of your other tasks.”
“Right now my most important one is continuing this blog when it stalls.”
“How about listing a few friends mom?”
Okay, Goodee here it goes.
There’s what we call the medical part of Team Goodee:
Main Street Chiropractic- Dr Scott Frizzell & staff   
Dr John & Carol Schmidt
Being able to be pain-free is AMAZING. You are AWSOME!
“”There’s so many friends mom. There’s not enough web space in the whole university to list them.”
“I’m pretty sure that’s actually an impossibility Goodee; I doubt cyberspace will actually run out of web space but I could get tired if we listed everyone.”
“There are a few ways we could thank everyone mom.”
“Show us what you mean Goodee the Service Dog.”
“Well anyone who gives a Service Dog space to do their job is a sweetheart”
“Yes Goodee you are right what are some other important things?”
“Well, there’s Service Dog access.. It’s important to understand that a Service Dog Team is welcome in all areas of public access..”
“ Correct Goodee if someone is able to understand and apply Service Dog Access Laws they are a sweetheart to the Service Dog Team because our life is easier.”
“What else?”
“Well Mom there’s R E S P E C T.. Find out what it means to me.”
“Okay Goodee we get the concept. Don’t finish the song.”
“What exactly do you mean respect?”
“Well mom, there’s talking to the human and treating them like a person, that’s respect.”
“That should be simple Goodee, “
“Well I know mom but lots of people miss it. They talk to me “pretty puppy” and walk right past you, the human.”
“Oh yes, that I try to ignore that when it happens but it happens a lot. I don’t think much of it the first time it happens but by the end of the day it’s happened 15 or 20 times and has me wondering if people even noticed me at all.”
“If you say hello to the Service Dog Handler by name, you certainly are a sweetheart.
“Be a sweetheart and give the Service Dog Team Access, and Respect. that should cover it mom.”
“Yes, your right Goodee, for Valentine’s Day let’s be short and sweet."

We welcome feedback by email.
When you see us out and about we often must say,
“Not Now We Are Working!”
GoodeeWorks Productions
DD & GOODEE the Service Dog wish to remind everyone our friend Teddy (age 9) suffers from life-threatening tree nut allergies. Lucy the labradoodle is currently in training to keep Teddy away from harm and carry his needed medical supplies.
Service Dog training is expensive. Your support is appreciated:
Donations can be made directly to Angel Service Dogs:
Mark your payment “Training for Lucy”__________________________

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