Sunday, March 24, 2013

Give us a Break: Life with the Service/Assistance Dog

“Most people just don’t know how important it is just to give the working dog and handler their own space.
 “You are right Goodee. Service/ Assistance Dogs are always working and it’s important that they not be touched unless you are given specific instructions to do so. It’s also important to not detract the service dog by calling their name or making other noises. In short: Act like the dog is a cane or walker—The device is there but you shouldn’t touch it or do anything to it, and you shouldn’t ask a person why they have it that’s far too personal.
Here’s an example to help you understand the life of a Service Dog Team:
Imagine for a moment that you are talking on a cell phone and it’s the most important call you have ever had, one that requires all your attention, if you get details wrong you could have a serious injury. Now imagine on this call that you are interrupted every twenty seconds by a total stranger Twenty, thirty sixty, one-hundred times until the end of your day.
Stranger 1: “Wow, that’s a neat phone. Can I see it?” “Well no I’m on an important call.” “Oh no your not you were just there moving your lips about what’s the big deal I didn’t mean you any harm. Besides I said I was sorry.”
You recover from stranger one and get half a sentence out to the important person you are speaking to on the cell phone then:
Stranger 2: “Sorry I know your busy but I just wanted to tell you that looks like my friend’s cell phone except it’s a different shape and color my friend had her cell phone because she was president and she really needed it but, you don’t look like you really need a cell phone so you won’t mind if I just take it a few minutes.  Oh I’m sorry the phone is so adorable it’s just so hard not to touch it so I decided I just must.
You pry the cell phone from the stranger’s hand, You go back to your conversation and then
Stranger 3: Oh that’s one of them cell phones now I know I’m not suppose to touch it so I won’t but do you mind if I just stand here and talk to my child in a really loud voice while you try to carry on your most important call? It’s just I’ve been trying to teach my child about neat cell phones and we saw yours!
Wait it’s not over yet. You would really like to get back to your call but:
Stranger 4: Your cell phone is so neat and I can see your busy and I read the sign about not touching your cell phone but well I’m just such a cell phone person I know your cell phone would rather talk to me. I’m not even going to ask you I’m going to reach around you, jerk the phone out of your hand, take it and carry on with it, then drop it and walk away laughing at your sign.
Okay now you have your cell phone back you are back to “normal” or as near normal as your life can be when you have to carry this lifeline cell phone around and be on the look out for strangers. —It’s finally your turn at the doctor’s office, or the bank so you look up and:
Stranger 5: Well, I work at the bank, or doctor’s office or you come all the time with your neat cell phone all the time, so we couldn’t possibly be strangers and I just know that I’m the exception to the rule so I’m going to make a cute crack about your cell phone until everyone else in the building is talking about your cell phone and asking you question after question about your cute cell phone. Then I will touch your cell phone until everyone else notices me, I know any signs or words you have couldn’t possibly apply to me.
“Gosh mom do you really have to compare Service/Assistance Dogs to a cell phone?”
“Well Goodee a cell phone is a life-saving necessary tool that must be used properly.”
“Speaking Service Dogs as life saving tools mom we should tell me about Gizmo.”
“What Gizmo”
“Not what mom who---Gizmo the Service Dog in Training.”
“Oh yes thanks for the reminder Goodee.”
DD & GOODEE the Service Dog wish to remind everyone our friend Teddy (age 10) suffers from life-threatening tree nut allergies.  A Service Dog can keep Teddy away from harm and carry his needed medical supplies.
An allergy alert Service Dog is $20,000. Teddy’s family and friends have fundraising efforts underway. Teddy has missed an opportunity to purchase a dog due to lack of funds but we are not giving up.
Gizmo the labradoodle is currently in training to keep Teddy away from harm and carry his needed medical supplies.
Service Dog training is expensive. Your support is appreciated:
Donations can be made directly to Angel Service Dogs:
Mark your payment “Training for Gizmo”__

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DD & Goodee