Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Gawker, Stalker, & Other Scary Things

“Good evening…” Hey Goodee, I’m trying to blog here. Turn the TV down. “OK mom.”  What exactly are you watching?”  “Alfred Hitchcock Hour.”  “Goodee you are too young for that scary stuff, change the channel. .” “OK mom, … “Scary Good.”
“Goodee, not the Chiller Channel either.” “Ok Mom but this stuff is not nearly as scary as what I have to do everyday as a Service Dog.”

“Really Goodee, You think your job is that dangerous?” “Yes mom, remember the time that a parent pushed her toddler out right in front of me?.”

“Oh yes, that was scary.” “I remember the little girl suddenly appeared in front of us when we were walking down the hallway.”

“The young lady was right even with my nose mom.”

“Yes I know Goode this mom tells her toddler : “Don’t touch but go see the dog then pushing the little girl towards us.”

“I agree that was scary.”

“I still don’t know about letting you watch scary movies Goodee.”

“Well mom, then there was that time that a lady looked at the patches on my vest and still yelled “OH DOG” and began hugging me so hard I ran into you and we almost fell on top of each other.

“Oh yes Goodee, that was scary.

Your patch clearly says “WORKING DOG DO NOT TOUCH. –However, people still read it and touch, touch, touch away. “

“This is dangerous and scary mom so I am qualified to watch any scary TV show.” “They can’t scare me… I’m a Service Dog!.”

“Well, while we are talking about scary things Goodee, there was a little girl who followed us all over a store. She wanted to show you her toy. Suddenly she threw the large plastic ball in front of us.”

“Yes that’s right mom, it was I, Goodee the Service Dog who saw the situation and stopped you the human from tripping over the ball and falling to the floor.”

“Yes, Goodee I know you are an AMAZING Service Dog.”

“Yes mom sometimes I am really amazing like… 

The time a lady decided to give me a command to do something.  We were working together trying to balance so you could stand Out of the blue, this lady says… “Oh come doggie. I will throw this food down and I know your mom will tell you “leave it.”

“Oh yes Goodee, you are correct. That was AMAZING that you knew to ignore this lady. The human was just trying to be funny. She wants to pet and feed you everyday as we pass by.”

“Well yes, mom. I realize she wants to pet me and love me because I look like a normal dog but I’m not.”

“That’s right Goodee. It’s hard for me but,  I must be strict when people want to treat you like their pet.” “Some people are not use to being given strict rules.” However, in this case, the rules are necessary for safety.”

“OK Goodee I get it now.” “Maybe you can handle the things that go bump in the night on TV.”

“Well I have another story mom…”
“That’s ok Goodee pass me the remote the Horror District double feature sounds pretty tame.”

“OK mom but we should close the blog out with a few reminders.”

“Why don’t you do that Goodee?”

“OK here it goes..”

“The Reminders of Goodee the AMAZING Service Dog.”

1.     The Service Dog is a tool not a toy.

2.     The function of the Service Dog team is to provide safety for each other while engaged in real life, NOT to entertain you.

3.     Teaching children about Service Dogs is WONDERFUL. ---There is information on-line or you can talk to you children after they see a Service Dog team. ---However, Do not demand that a Service Dog team provide an automatic “Show N’ Tell” when you see them.

4.     If you see a Service Dog team and decide to talk to your children about them. —Remember the human is a PERSON not a condition… Avoid saying things such as “See the blind lady.” – In fact, the person doesn’t have to be blind to need a Service Dog. Furthermore, if they are blind they still deserve to be identified with something more than their condition.

5.     Like humans dogs don’t fit in one category and shouldn’t be identified with one label avoid the use of generalizations such as “seeing eye dog, “guide dog,” or “blind dog.” If you must explain things in simple terms, consider calling them a “helper dog.”

“OK that’s great Goodee, pass the popcorn and turn the volume up on the movie.”

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